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15 April 2007 @ 08:04 am
Being here at Wisconsin makes me realize how much the rest of the United States sucks.

Fucking fundies. I hope every one of them dies or, in the case of my uncle and his family because he's a relatively harmless fundie (he didn't start preaching from the pulpit when I told him I was an atheist and seems to believe in freedom of thought)

Someone kill Ann Coulter. Please. And nothing is outside the realm of science. The realm of science is the universe.

Morality, for example, is opinion, fostered by societal structures and experiences and genetics. 'Right' or 'wrong' in ethics is a matter of subjectiveness. So, in reality, moral relativism is the most realistic moral ideology. We're all just animals.

Maybe I'm perceptive to the point that I see precisely where humanity is fucked. There is no deity or deities, folks. We are animals on a world that occurred by chance - good chance, but chance - in a universe that operates according to nothing but the laws of physics. The reason there are people who try to explain things using the concept of a deity is because they simply don't have the scientific information and cannot be comfortable with the unknown and complex or are too much of a sheep to think for themselves or were brought up in the stifling methods of religion. I say 'stifling' because I used to be a Catholic, several years ago, and I've seen the indoctrination and pseudoscience they use and I don't know why anyone would believe a guy from 4000 years ago who's been refuted many times. I think it's logically irresponsible and also illogical to try to fit everything into the context of a book written by an ancient, uninformed individual rather than think 'This book isn't correct'.

There are priests and rabbis and imams and monks and Hindu gurus with PhDs, though, but they tend to put a dangerous skew on their scientific knowledge. They're only marginally less detrimental to society than their uninformed counterparts.

It's time we put an atheist in the White House, perpetuated scientific education more, got rid of Bush (I don't care how you get rid of him, get him out of the White House! - oh, this is going to get the CIA on my ass. I don't mean kill him, I mean oust him and vote for a better president - he's harmless compared to some people in his administration ), got rid of the Religious Right (I don't care how you get rid of these fuckers, whether you kill them or bankrupt them) I also think everybody should be required to get a PhD and/or a professional degree.

There is a danger in easy answers, folks. Most of them turn out to be incorrect.

Have some silly blasphemous pictures.

And I'd find some pictures blaspheming Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but sadly, nobody's fearless enough to lampoon Judaism (I'm not anti-Semitic, but Judaism is a religion as much as Christianity and Islam are, so I don't see why I can't poke fun at it), and nobody's bothered to lampoon Buddhism or Hinduism.  Maybe some pictures of Siddhartha or that Ram Bomjon kid looking all fat and wrinkly and crazed or a silly picture of some hundred-handed thing flipping pancakes.

Really, people, if you can't take a little bit of satirical criticism, you have some problems.  For example, the militant Muslims in the Middle East - hanging people for drawing satirical cartoons? 

And you can lampoon atheism all you want, but I challenge you to find anything to satirize that's actually accurate.  Yes, I have the guts to withstand satirizing of what I believe.
w1ldkarrde on April 16th, 2007 06:25 am (UTC)
Ah rebuttal , how this journal has missed you.
For all those who read these entries and find them at best amusing and at worst severely condescending.(Yes, akabara someone else out there also knows large words.) I hope to share some of my thoughts on these diatribes. Let us break this entry down from the beginning.

"Being here at Wisconsin makes me realize how much the rest of the United States sucks."

I am sure that you have your reasons for saying the rest of our nation "sucks." However, I'm also fairly sure that when you say Wisconsin, you mean the college you are attending and not the entire state. Each state has its own unique landmarks,geographic features ,and/or historical events which render any comparison to another state quite useless.

"Fucking fundies. I hope every one of them dies..."

Now akabara, we cannot go playing favorites and choose specific people whom we want to kill from a group you have railed so long and hard against. I'm sure that such a wise and learned person could find other ways to express her discontent with the views of others than making threats to "kill" and "bring down." By using such speech you sound just like many of the "fundamentalist" organizations you regularly accuse of being repressive. Their right to expression is no different than yours. The evangelical preacher has the same rights as the science-centered college student. So do not suggest or infer that we limit or repress any speech on any topic.Ever.

"I used to be a Catholic, several years ago, and I've seen the indoctrination and pseudoscience..."

I am a person who believes in God. I also happen to be a former Catholic myself and can recall, very little indoctrination beyond the memorization of a few rituals and ceremonies. I certainly was not deprived of the choice to no longer follow their creed by means of any "indoctrination."

"I think it's logically irresponsible and also illogical to try to fit everything into the context of a book written by an ancient, uninformed individual rather than think."

Now I am slightly confused as to which single "uninformed" ancient individual "wrote" the book to which you are referring. I do seem to recall several books within one tome that are credited to several different individuals. Luke,Joshua,Daniel etc. "Everything" is not covered in these books. For example, the author Mark, does not go into the "proper christian" way to calculate the wavelength of a specific color of light. I trust you are referring to some of the more debated issues such as the existence of Jesus as an avatar of God and also the point at which life begins. So please, I must ask you on behalf of the rest of us ignorant peasants who prostrate ourselves before your mighty and glorious intellect , to be more specific in your writings.

On to the paragraph which begins: "It's time we put an atheist in the White House..."

It does seem, even to us lowly "animals", that a change in the leadership of the United States is necessary and you are right about that. Within two years this gentleman will have served the maximum legally defined amount of time as President of this nation and his successor will be named by a voting method. Your knowledge of our Constitution is indeed awe inspiring. As for your definition of the qualities you would like to see in a new leader, I am sure a suitable candidate will be on the ballot for the 2008 election. If you wish to see someone in office who conforms to akabara's list of "must have" qualities, email her and express your shared enthusiasm. Now again we come to akabara's failure to express her views in a constructive manner. She does seem to be advocating mass murder of a group of citizens who are expressing their views. I do not agree with them but I will not see them silenced on a whim.Your concern for all people to attain a doctorate or degree is truly admirable. However, in referring to past entries, you spoil your one true and pure statement by denigrating anyone who is not able to do so by calling them "stupid" and vowing to "make humanity smarter" by physically altering them.

To blatantly turn a quote on you: For goodness's sake, Supreme Scientist Kathy, I think I have a constitutional right to be stupid.