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14 May 2007 @ 07:26 pm
Granted, I have unleashed a lot of vitriol in the last month or so.

Let it be said, however, that my vitriol is not without substantial backup.

As regards humanity getting dumber, here is a study saying the average IQ of humanity is about 88 and a study detailing the detrimental effects of a decrease in IQ in society:

As regards the universe expanding and a galaxy crashing into the Milky Way, here are articles explaining them:

And whether the universe expands or not, humanity's still fucked: a flat universe and a closed universe eventually disappear by Big Crunch, according to http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0703183.

As regards my general disgust for humanity and my ambition to do some major good for the world, here is an article detailing the fact that I can be a humanitarian and a misanthrope:

I read your comments, and while some of them have made good points, some of them have been utter shit, because there is information in the scientific field that disproves the assertions they make.

Then again, I note that the 'utter shit' usually comes from people who aren't, for example, as well-read as I am on matters of science - they are usually nonscience majors, which is part of why I have a certain amount of contempt for people who are nonscience majors who tell me I'm wrong on some scientific topic which I can prove I know more about.  I do not profess to know more about, say, Italian, than a person who is fluent in the language.  But I can say I know more about biology and neuroscience and chemistry and physics than they do, and to a point, I have some reign over matters such as evolution and the origin of life, because I've been educated in the scientific background of it thoroughly to said point where I am familiar with not only the organismal and cellular aspects but the molecular aspects.  (Suck on it, Pat Robertson.) .  I am doing lab work in neurogenetics.  I think I have a certain special premium on certain areas.

It is intellectually irresponsible to think something is extant that is not testable or has been proven to not exist.

You would do mighty well to keep my real name out of your comments, as well.