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15 May 2007 @ 02:01 pm
I am heretofore severing several people from Northern Virginia from my life.

Starting next fall, my permanent address will be in Madison.  I will no longer have a permanent address in Virginia.

I expect most of you will say 'Good riddance, the bitch', because most of you seem to have basically decided that's what I am.  I respect your right to think that.  I can still think you're wrong about some of your reasons why, and I can understand a few of your reasons why you think I'm a bitch, but I clearly belong here in Madison because people, at least, seem to think better of me here and have some sense in their head.

I am visiting my parents for the summer.  I expect to be a bit of a recluse, other than a summer job at the Department of Health and Human Services or the NSF or some other prominent scientific institution.

I have my reasons, and I think they're damned good and rational ones - well-examined for the last several years - for being a humanitarian misanthrope.

If you're glad that I won't talk to you anymore, more power to you.  If you're sad, too fucking bad for you.
14 May 2007 @ 07:26 pm
Granted, I have unleashed a lot of vitriol in the last month or so.

Let it be said, however, that my vitriol is not without substantial backup.

As regards humanity getting dumber, here is a study saying the average IQ of humanity is about 88 and a study detailing the detrimental effects of a decrease in IQ in society:

As regards the universe expanding and a galaxy crashing into the Milky Way, here are articles explaining them:

And whether the universe expands or not, humanity's still fucked: a flat universe and a closed universe eventually disappear by Big Crunch, according to http://arxiv.org/abs/physics/0703183.

As regards my general disgust for humanity and my ambition to do some major good for the world, here is an article detailing the fact that I can be a humanitarian and a misanthrope:

I read your comments, and while some of them have made good points, some of them have been utter shit, because there is information in the scientific field that disproves the assertions they make.

Then again, I note that the 'utter shit' usually comes from people who aren't, for example, as well-read as I am on matters of science - they are usually nonscience majors, which is part of why I have a certain amount of contempt for people who are nonscience majors who tell me I'm wrong on some scientific topic which I can prove I know more about.  I do not profess to know more about, say, Italian, than a person who is fluent in the language.  But I can say I know more about biology and neuroscience and chemistry and physics than they do, and to a point, I have some reign over matters such as evolution and the origin of life, because I've been educated in the scientific background of it thoroughly to said point where I am familiar with not only the organismal and cellular aspects but the molecular aspects.  (Suck on it, Pat Robertson.) .  I am doing lab work in neurogenetics.  I think I have a certain special premium on certain areas.

It is intellectually irresponsible to think something is extant that is not testable or has been proven to not exist.

You would do mighty well to keep my real name out of your comments, as well.
09 May 2007 @ 11:40 am
I officially hate everybody.  Except for my fellow neuroscientists and other scientists.  I am absolutely serious about the fact that I have a deep hatred for anyone in general who is not a scientist.

Because nobody seems to care enough.

Fucking politicians, psychologists, businessmen, blue-collar workers - they're so absorbed in themselves that they can't look outside their own little anthropocentric world and see that THE UNIVERSE DOES NOT CARE FOR THEM.

And humanity as a whole is phenomenally stupid.  I swear, if humanity as a whole had no more hope for getting smarter, I'd kill myself, because an existence where human life cannot last forever is an existence where my legacy would be meaningless.

Humanity has hope, though, because I'm majoring in neuroscience, I'm getting my PhD in neuroscience, and I can think of ways to make people smarter.

Part of why I hate people who follow a religion to a tee is the fact that they intentionally delude themselves about what is coming and they have the most illogical excuses for believing what they believe - tautologies, reductio ad absurdum, reductio ad Stalinum, their appeal to tradition, the fact that they've never been exposed to anything during their childhood besides their religion, fear of rejection by their families - fucking pansies.  Yeah, you know what, a lot of you people who read this journal will hate me, but you know what, I'm honest.  I think religious people are nutballs.  You're all going to die, there is no heaven or hell, and you're going to face total nonexistence and you won't even be aware you're dead.  Your perception of anything completely stops.  Your brain, in effect, ceases to function, and becomes an inactive lump of cells.  You evolved from apes, which evolved from therapsids, which evolved from - I think - Tiktaalik roseae, which evolved from fish, which evolved from simple tubular organisms, which evolved from clumps of cells, which evolved from bacteria, which came about from organic molecules, and your existence and my existence are ultimately meaningless unless we choose to cheat the universe at its own game.  Because the universe is expanding, the Andromeda Galaxy is hurtling towards our Milky Way, and unless we do something about it, HUMANITY IS FUCKED.

You secretly want to be immortal.  If you think there's a heaven or hell, you want to be immortal.  You think your consciousness will continue and you think you will somehow be aware of said imaginary places.

And if you think I'm wrong, find a scientific paper from a well-respected journal (respected in the scientific field) to back your assertion up and tell me what the title is.
16 April 2007 @ 10:00 pm
To the fucktard who is my ex:

Please stop contacting me.  If you are trying to send that tape back, use the fucking postal service.  If you try to contact me again, I will get a restraining order.
15 April 2007 @ 08:04 am
Being here at Wisconsin makes me realize how much the rest of the United States sucks.

Fucking fundies. I hope every one of them dies or, in the case of my uncle and his family because he's a relatively harmless fundie (he didn't start preaching from the pulpit when I told him I was an atheist and seems to believe in freedom of thought)

Someone kill Ann Coulter. Please. And nothing is outside the realm of science. The realm of science is the universe.

Morality, for example, is opinion, fostered by societal structures and experiences and genetics. 'Right' or 'wrong' in ethics is a matter of subjectiveness. So, in reality, moral relativism is the most realistic moral ideology. We're all just animals.

Maybe I'm perceptive to the point that I see precisely where humanity is fucked. There is no deity or deities, folks. We are animals on a world that occurred by chance - good chance, but chance - in a universe that operates according to nothing but the laws of physics. The reason there are people who try to explain things using the concept of a deity is because they simply don't have the scientific information and cannot be comfortable with the unknown and complex or are too much of a sheep to think for themselves or were brought up in the stifling methods of religion. I say 'stifling' because I used to be a Catholic, several years ago, and I've seen the indoctrination and pseudoscience they use and I don't know why anyone would believe a guy from 4000 years ago who's been refuted many times. I think it's logically irresponsible and also illogical to try to fit everything into the context of a book written by an ancient, uninformed individual rather than think 'This book isn't correct'.

There are priests and rabbis and imams and monks and Hindu gurus with PhDs, though, but they tend to put a dangerous skew on their scientific knowledge. They're only marginally less detrimental to society than their uninformed counterparts.

It's time we put an atheist in the White House, perpetuated scientific education more, got rid of Bush (I don't care how you get rid of him, get him out of the White House! - oh, this is going to get the CIA on my ass. I don't mean kill him, I mean oust him and vote for a better president - he's harmless compared to some people in his administration ), got rid of the Religious Right (I don't care how you get rid of these fuckers, whether you kill them or bankrupt them) I also think everybody should be required to get a PhD and/or a professional degree.

There is a danger in easy answers, folks. Most of them turn out to be incorrect.

Have some silly blasphemous pictures.

And I'd find some pictures blaspheming Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but sadly, nobody's fearless enough to lampoon Judaism (I'm not anti-Semitic, but Judaism is a religion as much as Christianity and Islam are, so I don't see why I can't poke fun at it), and nobody's bothered to lampoon Buddhism or Hinduism.  Maybe some pictures of Siddhartha or that Ram Bomjon kid looking all fat and wrinkly and crazed or a silly picture of some hundred-handed thing flipping pancakes.

Really, people, if you can't take a little bit of satirical criticism, you have some problems.  For example, the militant Muslims in the Middle East - hanging people for drawing satirical cartoons? 

And you can lampoon atheism all you want, but I challenge you to find anything to satirize that's actually accurate.  Yes, I have the guts to withstand satirizing of what I believe.
10 April 2007 @ 09:03 am
Holy shit, now someone really needs to shut the Religious Right down.  And kick Bush out of office.

No sex for people between the ages of 18-29?  For goodness's sake, Supreme Dictator Bush, I think I have a constitutional right to fuck.

Conservative Christianity irritates me.  A lot.  So does Orthodox Judaism and Wahhabi Islam.  In fact, the only religion that hasn't made me angry in some way is Buddhism, and it has its own flaws.  Damn, Siddhartha, you are a masochist.

Think for yourselves, people.  Don't let some grossly misinformed guy from 4000 years ago or 2000 years ago or 500 years ago make your moral decisions for you.  If you can't think of anywhere else to look for your morals, then, well, you aren't looking hard enough and you aren't living enough.
05 April 2007 @ 08:02 am
America is not a Christian nation.

It is secular.  Read the Constitution and read a couple of biographies of its signatories.  Franklin and Washington were Masons and Jefferson was a deist, and Thomas Paine, although he was not a signatory, was a deist as well.

The Religious Right needs to check its facts (and the Bible isn't fact) before it starts slinging its shit.

That is my post against theocratic stupidity.

The Religious Right must go down.
03 April 2007 @ 12:59 pm
You know what?

Can Wisconsin secede from the United States?  Please?  Because the rest of the US sucks.
27 March 2007 @ 12:09 pm
I don't relate to anyone in the SCA.  Even the people I've known for years that are members of the SCA.

So I'm not sure how much I still have in the way of ties to people such as Karen or <lj-user="weebaby"> or the rest of that crowd.

I mean, I care about them, but I feel as if I don't have the commonality anymore.  We're totally different people; different beliefs, different backgrounds, different sections of society - I'm in academia, my life revolves around my goal of getting my PhD in neuroscience and researching human intelligence, and consider myself to be among the neuroscience crowd (college students, grad students and professors) and plan to have a career in research and academia and not have a family and spend my life in a lab, while they're very much the family-centric sort and are at least a generation up from me and have children of their own - and while I respect them as a person, I just don't feel close to them anymore because of a lack of commonality.

The people I've known for about 9 years - well, I can't really relate to them anymore either.  Yes, they're my age, yes, most of them are in fact brilliant, and yes, they respect me, but unfortunately, they remind me of a past I would rather not be reminded of, and I get the impression that some of them have not in fact made any new friends, and some of them have about zero ambition.

How I'm going to survive during Spring Break, I don't know.

I have often wondered, in addition, what people really think of me.  I get the perception that people either like me or hate me.
27 March 2007 @ 07:39 am
Okay.  I have had enough of PeTA and the ALF after learning that they have targeted universities as well as corporate laboratories.